Under the Never Sky Series: Book 1, 2 and 3 (Young Adult Fiction)


Hello fellow bloggers!

I have been extremely busy during the last month or so and have been kind of neglecting this blog, however! I have read three great books, all in the same series. Took this picture off of https://missdreamymarie.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/under-the-never-sky-by-veronica-rossi-book-review/ where there is a much more detailed review of these books!

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting these books to be so good, I was addicted to them and feel like it was a movie that played in my mind. I am still in love with the story! If you have read my other blogs you’ll know I was on an Adult Crime frenzy by Aline Templeton but I haven’t gone back to those books since I have read this since I am looking for more young adult fiction/adventure. I have always loved this genre and I guess I remembered my love for them after picking up such a good book. I feel like after all the books I’ve read it’s quite hard to find a book with such a high standard.

Anyway, this book at first may sound kind of cheesy and cliche ‘Worlds kept them apart but destiny brough them together’? I looked at that line and thought ‘Oh come on…out of all things why would you even consider that kind of line, where’s your creativity!’. Good thing I didn’t judge the book on that line! I can really see this becoming a movie, if it does it better be done flawlessly because that’s exactly what good books like this deserve.

About the book:

As the book implies, this is based on two people who come from very different backgrounds but are soon joined together, rather accidentally. There seems to be two main societies here that are spoken about since the two main characters are from these two different societies. One is where Aria (the main female character) stays, this is a futuristic world where people can take themselves into ‘realms’ guided by their ‘smarteye’ which is a clear glass that is connected to one of their eyes like a suction, they can use this to transport themselves anywhere they want- virtually. Therefore, it is not really physically occurring, but their senses are intact with where ever they want to be transported. Think of it as sitting somewhere in your room and playing an extremely realistic game where you could fly, drive, eat a sandwich, whatever you want, without feeling any pain or other ‘unneccesary’ things humans go through. They idea is to eliminate those feelings because they are unpleasant.

The other society is where Peregrine (main male character) comes from. They don’t have any realms or any futuristic gizmos, in fact it is the complete opposite. They live in huts and a simple historic way of living, back in the hunting days, whereas Aria lives in a pod protected from the outside. This ‘outside’ is where Perry (Peregrine) comes from as well as the Aether storms. These are live currents of electricity in the sky that can cause beams of electricity to come down and strike randomly, behaving like lightening and thunder. Perry has a clan that is led by his brother who is the blood Lord. Within their clan they have special abilities that seems to be dependent on genes, for example Perry has a rare power of being a Seer (he can see very well in the dark) and the ability of extremely heightened smell, so powerful that he can smell what people are feeling. There are also audits who have the power to hear extremely well. If anybody has a power it is usually one or the other, which is why Perry’s power is so rare. Perry and his clan are known as ‘savages’ by Aria’s people, similar treatment from Perry’s world call them ‘moles’.

One day, Aria and her friends break out of the realm into the dangerous outside world of Perry, thanks to super hacker, arrogant son of Consul Hess the head of the pod- Soren. Things turn ugly very quickly as fun turns into fear…

You can pick up/purchase e-book to find out what happens in this incredible series. I definitely recommend it and I think it is highly likely that this *may* turn into a movie. WOOO!  If they don’t ruin it that is.

But seriously, it really is amazing. Definitely going into my list of favourites, I don’t have many in there!


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