Under the Never Sky Series: Book 1, 2 and 3 (Young Adult Fiction)


Hello fellow bloggers!

I have been extremely busy during the last month or so and have been kind of neglecting this blog, however! I have read three great books, all in the same series. Took this picture off of https://missdreamymarie.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/under-the-never-sky-by-veronica-rossi-book-review/ where there is a much more detailed review of these books!

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting these books to be so good, I was addicted to them and feel like it was a movie that played in my mind. I am still in love with the story! If you have read my other blogs you’ll know I was on an Adult Crime frenzy by Aline Templeton but I haven’t gone back to those books since I have read this since I am looking for more young adult fiction/adventure. I have always loved this genre and I guess I remembered my love for them after picking up such a good book. I feel like after all the books I’ve read it’s quite hard to find a book with such a high standard.

Anyway, this book at first may sound kind of cheesy and cliche ‘Worlds kept them apart but destiny brough them together’? I looked at that line and thought ‘Oh come on…out of all things why would you even consider that kind of line, where’s your creativity!’. Good thing I didn’t judge the book on that line! I can really see this becoming a movie, if it does it better be done flawlessly because that’s exactly what good books like this deserve.

About the book:

As the book implies, this is based on two people who come from very different backgrounds but are soon joined together, rather accidentally. There seems to be two main societies here that are spoken about since the two main characters are from these two different societies. One is where Aria (the main female character) stays, this is a futuristic world where people can take themselves into ‘realms’ guided by their ‘smarteye’ which is a clear glass that is connected to one of their eyes like a suction, they can use this to transport themselves anywhere they want- virtually. Therefore, it is not really physically occurring, but their senses are intact with where ever they want to be transported. Think of it as sitting somewhere in your room and playing an extremely realistic game where you could fly, drive, eat a sandwich, whatever you want, without feeling any pain or other ‘unneccesary’ things humans go through. They idea is to eliminate those feelings because they are unpleasant.

The other society is where Peregrine (main male character) comes from. They don’t have any realms or any futuristic gizmos, in fact it is the complete opposite. They live in huts and a simple historic way of living, back in the hunting days, whereas Aria lives in a pod protected from the outside. This ‘outside’ is where Perry (Peregrine) comes from as well as the Aether storms. These are live currents of electricity in the sky that can cause beams of electricity to come down and strike randomly, behaving like lightening and thunder. Perry has a clan that is led by his brother who is the blood Lord. Within their clan they have special abilities that seems to be dependent on genes, for example Perry has a rare power of being a Seer (he can see very well in the dark) and the ability of extremely heightened smell, so powerful that he can smell what people are feeling. There are also audits who have the power to hear extremely well. If anybody has a power it is usually one or the other, which is why Perry’s power is so rare. Perry and his clan are known as ‘savages’ by Aria’s people, similar treatment from Perry’s world call them ‘moles’.

One day, Aria and her friends break out of the realm into the dangerous outside world of Perry, thanks to super hacker, arrogant son of Consul Hess the head of the pod- Soren. Things turn ugly very quickly as fun turns into fear…

You can pick up/purchase e-book to find out what happens in this incredible series. I definitely recommend it and I think it is highly likely that this *may* turn into a movie. WOOO!  If they don’t ruin it that is.

But seriously, it really is amazing. Definitely going into my list of favourites, I don’t have many in there!


Review on ‘Envy’ by Elizabeth Miles: Book 2 (Teen-Fiction, Thriller, mild horror)

IMAG4018_1 (2)

Hello Bloggers! Another review straight from the kettle…of my brain.


Okay, so let’s start off quickly with the topic of my previous post which was ‘Suits’, I am nearly finished with it, on the last episode of Season 4! It was definitely a good watch and I look forward to season 5. What other shows do you guys like watching, if you watch any at all? From the top of my head, active shows that I watch are Game of Thrones (WHAT a finale, like oh em gee), The Walking Dead (OBSESSED), Arrow and Downton Abbey and Suits of course. Am I missing any?…Don’t think so, apart from anime…that’s a whole different blog post. Okay, let’s get down to the actual review.


I finished Envy today, the second book after Fury and I believe there is one more book left called Eternity which I will be reserving soon. Not sure if there is going to be other books after that so, stay tuned!

Once I got started on this book it was very hard to put down, I had to know what happened as the plot transgressed onto new characters; I thought it was a clever way to write a plot that was already known to the readers but not boring or the same story again with a new character. Technically it was the same story but once you read the book you will find out that every new character will have a different outcome. In addition, the plot has been stretched out to something that is deeper than the first book because of the choices the characters make, hence, confirming a decent amount of development on the storyline.

I guess you could still call it predictable in some ways but that didn’t make it any less enjoying for me, will definitely be picking up the next book to find out what happens since I genuinely do want to know how the whole thing ends.

In my opinion, if the author gets more ideas on the plot, I’d welcome a whole series. You have to be careful though, sometimes books can really kill an initial genius idea to something that has just been milked to the end. At time it’s best to leave it as a powerful trilogy or saga.


In case you did not read the little subheading above, this introduction can be presumed to have some spoilers from the first book, so DO NOT read this if you have not read the first book…or if you don’t care, you may go ahead and feast your eyes on my spoiling introduction to book 2.

Em is slowly finding out the meaning and the consequences of what she has done at the end of Fury, a choice made to save the boy she loves in return for not telling him the real truth as well as being eternally bound to the Furies. Automatically, the choice she made hits home as Em realises things between her and JD will never be the same again as JD is forced to believe a lie instead of the truth. However, that is not the only thing that she is worried about…

Skyler, a new student from Alabama hides her own secrets. Desperate to be valued and popular, just like Em’s best friend Gabby, she catapults down a path with the Furies to get what she wants.

Em, now friends with Drea, try and find a way to find an end to all of this as they uncover the history of the Furies. Will they succeed or will they drown deeper into the revenge cycle of the Furies than they already are?

Final Words:

I didn’t include all the spoilers, but you may be able to figure out some things by reading the book 2 introduction. There are also some new characters that will play a bigger role in the third book it seems, well one new character from Envy that will definitely be playing a bigger role in the third book.

Pick it up if you see it and like the look of it!


Hello fellow bloggers 🙂

I haven’t managed to actually read a book since the last review because now I’m busy from 9am-6pm and when I come back home all I want to do is watch ‘Suits’.

There were many recommendations from my friends to watch this when it was new but I only started watching it now since I wanted something to binge watch! It comes with the mood see?

I am slowly reading a book called ‘Under the never sky’ so that will most probably be my next book review.

So let me do a quick review on ‘Suits’ meanwhile:

Quick Review of ‘Suits’

Well, I’m only at the beginning of Season 3 at the moment and each episode is an hour long. The two main characters are Mike Ross and Harvey Specter, two lawyers at one of the top firms for lawyers – Pearson Hardman. Although Mike is not a lawyer at first and you will see the complications in the first episode itself. There are plenty of other semi-main characters in the show who bring it all together: Donna (Harvey’s secretary), Jessica (Boss), Louis (another colleague at the firm), Rachel (Paralegal) and plenty more.

The plot at the moment isn’t EPIC or anything but this is a law firm, it is epic in it’s own intellectual way bringing in comedy, especially with Louis, he is hilarious. Got a lot of sass in himself. But finding a niche about law in a series, they are doing very well. Enough for me to keep watching everyday. There is drama so don’t worry about that part and the story is complicated for the characters themselves when you find out what they are going through.

If this sounds like something you would watch then you should definitely go for it, I would recommend it to everybody!

Review on ‘Fury’ by Elizabeth Miles: Book 1 (Horror, Thriller, Teen Fiction)


Hello fellow bloggers 🙂 Review coming at you.


A different choice from my adult crime discovery, I decided to pick a random book from the ‘teen fiction choice’ section in my library. After seeing the release of ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Divergent’, ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘The Host’ we can definitely see that teen books still do indeed have an appeal to older audiences because it isn’t solely about the young adults or teens in there. So, I thought delve back into teen fiction section and get away from the adult crime books for a bit. Plus, I haven’t stumbled upon any 10 star books in the adult crime section yet.

At first, picking up this book I didn’t realise it was horror; after reading it, I found it isn’t crazy horror, nothing that you would lose sleep over anyway, just a bit creepy is all. But then again, that depends on what you find creepy. I quit horror movies a few years back because my imagination always got the best of me (think being in your own imaginary horror movie in real life, doors moving by itself, anticipating bedsheets getting ripped off my bed, seeing a horrific face in the mirror once I look up from washing my face…-_-), before that it used to be my favourite kinds of movies to watch. Well, I haven’t actually quit but I do try and avoid them! Anyway, since it’s a teen book the horror is very limited. I did have to keep my patience with the character because she was younger and so there were some cliches and typical problems in her life! Which is not a bad thing, we’ve all been through that age right?

Some things were very predictable but the story itself was kind of alluring. It was the ending that made me want to read on so I will be picking up the next book. I believe it is the first book of a trilogy. The next two being Envy and Eternity. It’s quite a recent book, being published in 2012.


The two main characters in this book are Chase and Emily (Em in the book). They go to the same school and know the same people. Em’s best friend is Gabby. Chase’s best friend is Zack. Zack is Gabby’s boyfriend. Em is in love with Zack. With this kind of situation there is bound to be drama whether the characters are aware of their situation or not. However, things turn a lot more sinister when Em and Chase are trapped in their own mistakes and are hurled down a path where the consequences are only to pay for what they have done.


Pick up the book if you’re interested in it. I kept it very vague to keep spoilers out so don’t believe that this is the only plot to it. There are other things that dominate the actual story which would ruin it if I told you what they were! (Referring to the sinister occurrences that go on). Overall it was a good read and I’m genuinely curious to find out what happens.

Review of ‘Bad Blood’ by Aline Templeton (Crime, Adult)


Come on, you know another Aline Templeton book was on it’s way. First though, let me apologise for the picture quality, I do honestly love photography, I am just being very lazy with taking pictures of books. It will get better I swear. I just need to stop being lazy and take a picture in the natural light rather than my room light.

Okay well, by now since I’ve read about 4-5 of her books, I can definitely see the style she writes in and there is always a certain structure that she follows. ‘Bad Blood’ is a recent book of hers and had quite a different start compared to the other books. The main character-Marjory Fleming- usually finds herself solving new crimes, however, the victim from this story is somebody who she has actually met before in her early years of policing, before she became promoted.

You can definitely expect tension and the nail biting curiosity of ‘who did it?!’ all the way through the book but since I can never guess I decided to go with the flow and sit back to see the story unfold. Most of the times, you can’t really tell who it is since there is another plot or clue that becomes uncovered right towards the end which also gives away who it is-usually. Some people might end up getting bored of it because the dynamic and structure of the plot are mostly the same in every book. Nevertheless, it is still a great book to read but I am picking out some different books now so, don’t worry you won’t be seeing a lot of Templeton books all in a row (mostly because I am coming to finish all the books from Templeton in my library).

Bad Blood consists of a young woman who has come back from Marjory’s past to uncover a truth that has been hidden from her. By the law. A truth so deadly, it can ruin a network of relationships like dominoes. Only Marjory and MacNee (her team mate) have the information the young woman is looking for but they have to wait for the clear from higher authority before releasing any information. The other part of the time- McDonald, Campbell and Hepburn are curious to know what this secret is about after the young woman has been put into contact with them.

Definitely do recommend this if you like tension, and this particular one had more thriller in it than the other books I would say. More running and hiding. Hope you enjoy it if you do read it!

Review of ‘A Cotswold Killing’ by Rebecca Tope (Crime, Adult)

Sorry about the picture, I had to return it to the library and was in a rush so, randomly took a quick picture before I went >.<

A different author from my ‘Aline Templeton’ streak, which is still very much in the process of completion. Reserved ‘An evil for evil’ so hopefully that should be coming in soon. And I’ve read two other books by Aline Templeton meanwhile heh. However today’s review will be about Rebecca Tope’s ‘A Cotswold Killing’ which I think has more to it since there are other books by her called ‘A Cotswold Mystery’.

Since I was on the Aline Templeton streak, my expectations of crime novels suddenly became higher; I haven’t read a lot of adult crime books since I was mainly interested in fantasy adventure books-which I still love and will still be reading- but I’m quite addicted to Aline Templeton at the moment. Anyway! Like I was saying I had a high expectation and although this book was good I didn’t very much get the kind of shock, tension and ‘who did it?!’ feeling as I did with Aline Templeton books. I was very much going with the flow of the book and didn’t really find myself finding the effort to think of who could have done it with a real thought. There was a lot of build up towards the main plot and to be honest you wouldn’t really have been able to guess who could have done it with a specific intention. I hope this isn’t spoiling it but I will give a little blurb of what it’s about.

The main character- Thea- is about 40 or over who has accepted a job that involves her to look after a house (and the two dogs that come with it) along with her own dog, whilst the owners of the house- an old couple- are going abroad on a holiday. They are extremely precise about every little detail of the house and expect Thea to carry out the duties to their exact way on the list provided. A moment after the couple leave, a middle aged man appears at the door and introduces himself as one of the neighbours. As a polite gesture he offers Thea to come over to their house when she finds the time. Thea’s husband recently passed away and she is still trying to deal with it as best as she can but finds herself warming to the man. That night…an incident occurs, which leaves Thea to solve what is exactly going on in this community she has landed in.

There. And that’s only the introduction so if you like it so far you may want to read the rest of it. It’s not tense or action filled but it does make you curious to find out what exactly is going on and if there is a deeper story behind it. I didn’t really find the story going too deep but it does uncover the possibilities of it being deep. Sorry, I don’t know if that is a spoiler or not, I guess not. Perhaps I will give the other books a go but we’ll see! Let me know what you think if you decided to read or have already read this book!

The Liebster Award ◕‿◕

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Ooo I must say I was quite excited and intrigued when I saw the word ‘award’; it got better once I read what it was about and you will too if you love answering questions about yourself or aspects surrounding you.

Thank you to the beautiful inwhichhelen who allowed me to take part in this! So here goes!

1) Wait, I need to set out the rules first…


♦ Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.

♦ Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.

♦ Nominate 10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you.

♦ Ensure all of these bloggers have less than 200 followers.

♦ Answer the ten questions asked to you by the person who nominated you, and make ten questions of your own for your nominees.

♦ Lastly, COPY these rules in the post.

Okay, now, I will start answering the rather fun questions made by inwhichhelen.

1) How do you feel that blogging has changed you?

Well, I can’t say it changed me much to be honest, I’m still the same person I was before I started blogging but, perhaps that’s because I’m still a newbie and have not yet got to the stage where it can change me. I hope, if it does change me that it’s for the best rather than the worst. 

2) Ok, Fictional Book Character Snog Marry Avoid: Ron Weasley, Hamlet, Heathcliff???

Haha, okay Ron-…I don’t want snog or marry but I don’t want to avoid either! But I’m going to have to go with avoid just because I wouldn’t want to do any of the others. And Hamlet…well I’d like to have a nice chat with him. Heathcliff…he would be the perfect man for most wouldn’t he? But, I’m afraid I’m going to be boring and avoid others just because I’m too loyal to somebody else. Yes, I’m one of those. Sorry for not answering your question properly here, although I haven’t read Hamlet or Wuthering heights but I should. 

3) What is your favourite blog and why?

I was just looking for the link to the blog I found really amazing, it was a competition to take amazing pictures based on a theme given. It sounded like such a fantastic, adventurous challenege but I can’t seem to find it…could have sworn I followed them. Actually I’m sure I did but it’s not showing up on my list for some reason 😦 let me know if anybody knows what it is. 

4) If there was one book you wish you had written what would it be and why?

Probably Romeo and Juliet just because it was so tragically sad and iconic. That and ‘Oblivion’ which is a modern book within the action and fiction genre. I can’t give that book enough compliments.  

5) Would you ever break the law?

Shhh, I’m going to have to say no, I can’t afford to say yes even if I did since I’m hopefully working with the police this summer. (Maybe I’d kill to save those I love). 

6) Is it better to try and fail or to never have tried at all?

Definitely try and fail, I’ve learnt this from experience. I would have much rather tried, I mean what have you got to lose?

7) Try to describe yourself using only song lyrics.

I’m too hot!

Called a police and a fireman

I’m too hot!

Make a dragon wanna retire man

😛 I just love singing this. Everybody should love themselves!

8) If you had one message you could deliver to everyone in the world, what would it say?

Just try and bloody understand, empathise and respect each other, we’re all humans at the end of the day. The differences are what makes you unique and similarities are what joins everybody together, we should be working towards helping each other as if you would want to be helped or spoken to. Of course, it is might be much more complicated than that, but we can at least try and do the simple things.

9) What have you learned from your mistakes?

A lot, but I have no regrets because it has made me the person I am today with the experience of those mistakes. I have come to know that I want to have the freedom to make these mistakes so that even if it was, I would have learnt from it for next time. Although I suppose there are some mistakes I just can’t help making again and again…eating ice cream for example, even though I know I will break out from it if I eat too much! 

10) What is your best piece of blogging advice?

Honesty in who you are. Have fun with it, don’t worry about followers and how many likes you get, do it because you want to do it. I think these days with massive platforms like Facebook and Twitter, people are constantly hooked on how many likes they get and how many followers they can achieve. This isn’t living. In my faith we believe that once you are dead, God is not going to ask you how many followers you had or how many likes you got. Neither will you take these people to the grave with you. But this is from a religious perspective as well as a life perspective. Just have fun! Connect with people who have the same mind. 

Phew! Well Helen, I hope I have done your questions justice, some of them at least! I had fun answering them.

So, here are my 10 questions for those I nominate:

1) If you were to teleport to somewhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?

2) Fondest childhood memory?

3) Which fictional character would you like to meet and what would you do with them?

4) You have one quality that you can decrease in the world and one quality that you can increase in the world, what would you decrease and increase?

5) What is most important in your life? 

6) If you were to have a family, would you have a big one or a small one and why, if you already have a family-what do you love the best about the size of your family?

7) You have the opportunity to add a word to the dictionary, what would it be?

8) First thing that comes to your head when I say these words:






9) Food that you dislike?

10) You have 3 small stars that, when placed, make an awesome grand entry noise when you enter the location of where the star is placed, where would you put these stars?

Lastly, I nominate:

inwhichhelen (sorry I know I nominated you again but you don’t have to re-nominate or do this if you don’t want to!)











Have fun!